How would you like to know the process we use to rank any online asset? 

  • Why PPL

    Benefits of pay per lead model

  • Niche Selection

    Selecting the correct niche is key

  • Call Handling

    What to do when the phone rings

  • Keyword Selection

    Finding the money keywords

  • Money Site Setup

    Setting up the money site

  • Site Structure

    Structuring for success

  • GMB Optimization

    Inside the belly of the beast

  • Entity Creation and Solidification

    Claiming your brand

  • Content Tuning

    Tuning up that content

  • Site Mirroring

    Mirror mirror on the wall

  • GMB Leverage

  • Feeding The Bot

    011011001  (get on the bot level)

  • Link Building

    Nothing happens without links

  • Traffic

    Driving traffic across your assets

  • Letting Data Drive

    Let google show you the way